Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Movie Review: Swingers

 Many people tell me I'm a film buff, though I don't consider myself one, simply because there are way too many amazing films I have never seen. Films that you must see in order to be labeled a "film buff". Films like Scarface and The African Queen. I'm a failure in that sense...

My all time favorite movie, though, is a little low-budget indie flick from 1996 called Swingers, directed by Doug Liman.
I have no idea why I love this movie so much. But I do. It's not a blockbuster, it's only somewhat original, and not overly artistic. But there's just something so honest and funny about the writing and acting. Plus it has some of the best quotes and one-liners. Ever.
"You're so money and you don't even know it."
"Vegas Baby! VEGAS!!"
"I'll have a scotch on the rocks, please. Any scotch will do, as long as it's not a blend, of course. Single malt, Glen Livet, Glen Galley, perhaps, any Glen."
"Like F-in' House of Pain was gonna do anything?"
"I'm gonna make his head bleed for super fan number 99 over here." 
Just to throw out a few...
I think Jon Favreau's main character, Mikey, is the epitome of what it was like to be a recently-single struggling actor in L.A. in the '90's. Also, this is one of Vince Vaughn's first major movie roles, and the chemistry between him and Jon Favreau, who also wrote (and almost directed) the film, is just fantastic.
And don't even get me started on the soundtrack.
Dean Martin.
George Jones.
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.
Tony Bennett.
Roger Miller.
Bobby Darin.
I'm pretty sure most of this films tiny budget (which was only something, like $200K... crazy low-budget!) was spent on music. And it was worth every penny that I'm sure those actors and production assistants didn't get paid. Without this selection of music, I just don't think Swingers would have been what it was, and still is, to it's biggest fans.
Rated R for strong language and sexual situations, I suggest Swingers for early high-school and up.
If you're as big a fan as I am, then I highly suggest this article on the making of Swingers.

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