Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Review: Beautiful Ruins

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

In 1962, when Italian hotel owner Pasquale Tursi meets the hopeful American film actress Dee Moray, who is in Italy to film Cleopatra, he falls instantly in love. But soon secrets are revealed, and she is forced back to America by the film's producer, Michael Deane. Fifty years later, Pasquale, Michael Deane, Deane's assistant Claire, and screenwriter/ Italian translator Shane, embark on a journey to reunite Pasquale with Dee, whom he hasn't stopped thinking about over the last half century.

I love anything to do with old Hollywood, so this book, was for the most part, just lovely. The writing was very vivid, which made up for the few "dry" spots, most of which had to do with Claire's and Shane's story lines. I also loved that the author used Richard Burton as a minor character with a big impact on the story.

I give this book a B+.

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