Friday, April 3, 2015

Book Review: I've Got Your Number

I’ve Got your Number by Sophie Kinsella

During a fire drill at a hotel, Poppy Wyatt loses her engagement ring which has been in her (seemingly perfect) fiancĂ©’s family for generations.  And, on top of that, her phone gets stolen. So when she finds a perfectly good phone discarded in a nearby trashcan, she figures no one will mind if she takes it to use to help track down her engagement ring. Until she meet’s the phone’s owner, handsome, and somewhat uptight, businessman Sam Roxton.

This book is cute, fun, and lighthearted. In other words, a perfect beach read! Nothing I had to think too much about, but it kept me thoroughly entertained.

This book gets a B-

If you liked this one, check out Can You Keep a Secret, also by Sophie Kinsella.