Friday, February 21, 2014

Hip Chicks. AKA The Best Book Club in the World!

It's hard to believe that six years ago, I had no book club to call home, and was left to share my opinions on books with the very few who would (sort of) listen. Basically, my husband, and occasionally, my cousins and mom.

You could say there was a book club shaped hole in my heart. One that desperately needed filling.

All that changed when, after looking for a right book club fit and not finding it, I started my own group. One that has a ton of fun, drinks wine (and beer.), AND ACTUALLY READS THE BOOKS!

And thus, The Hip Chicks Book Club was born.

We're quite the group of ladies, from all walks of life. I've seriously made some of the greatest friends through this group, friends who, at this point, seem lifelong. A few of them I knew beforehand, and helped me get this group going. Most I've just met over the past six years.

This group keeps me sane, giving me much needed "grown-up" conversation at least once a month (usually more, since we go to pretty much any movie based on a book... and that almost always involves food, and drinks, either before or afterwards).

And although we have around 200+ members (it's huge. I know.) at any given time, I am so thankful for every single one of those gals for making this "little" book club the Best Book Club in the World!

For a list of what we've read in the past, and what we're currently reading, CLICK HERE!


  1. We seriously have the best book club, and that is thanks to you, fearless leader. You have drawn some fabulous people into our circle, and introduced me to some friends for life. Book Club night is something I always look forward to and am sharing with my teen-aged daughter, so she'll know it's cool to love reading and what real friends look like.