Wednesday, April 2, 2014

To All the Twilight Haters and the Twihards alike.

Over the past few years, there has been much love, and more recently much hate, towards The Twilight Saga, created by Stephenie Meyer.

I began as one of those who really liked Twilight, and it's following sequels. I read the books. I saw the movies. (Though I'll be the first to admit New Moon was the WORST of these books, and movies. It was just awful, and I even thought that in the midst of my really liking this series.)

Then I reread the first book, and realized:

"I'm just not that into you anymore."

Sorry Twilight Saga. You have some major flaws, like a not-so-strong female protagonist, and a somewhat controlling (and sparkly) male protagonist.

But still, even now, I don't HATE these books. There is no reason for me to HATE them. Dislike them, even very strongly dislike them, yes. Disagree with the way characters behave? Sure. But full on HATE? That's a strong word.

And I have to admit, it kind of makes me sad, and slightly upset, to see all the Twilight bashing around the interwebs these days, even though I don't necessarily "like" these books anymore.

And my biggest reason for disliking the haters:

These books got so many people to actually READ.

These books, as bad as they might be, looking back on them now, were a "gateway drug", if you will, for many people who don't read much, or even at all, to get into books and find their love of reading. And that is a beautiful thing.

Not since the Harry Potter books, had anything been this popular. So many people jumped right onto this bandwagon, and were happy to do so. It not only got people reading, but writing. Especially fanfiction. The most famous Twihard fanfic, of course, being the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.(Which, as terribly written as that is, STILL got people to read. Reading is never a bad thing people!)

But now, since the books have been picked apart to death, saying you actually like them is like a death sentence to your social life. Or at least your book club social life. If you like Twilight, you will be judged.

And I don't think that's fair.

In fact, it really verges on bullying.

Even Stephenie Meyer has said she no longer wants to talk about Twilight, and that it's not a happy place to be for her. People have picked it apart to the point that the person who created it, and should be proud to have had her stories published, feels bad about her work.

No one should be made to feel bad for liking something, whether it's Twilight, or some other fandom, or artsy things, or certain cars, or reality TV, or ANYTHING.

We are desperately trying to get this message through to our children every day, and yet, as adults, we do it all the time, to each other.

Why do we feel we have any right to tell someone they can't like something just because we don't like that thing?

So my message to all you Twihards: Don't let the Twihaters get you down!

If everyone else hates what makes you happy, the thing that you love (Twilight or otherwise), don't give them a second thought. Just love the crap out of it. And be happy doing it.


  1. Well said, Megan! Reading is always a good thing. I have not read any of these books or seen any of the movies, and I hope I don't shame those who have (except my husband, who I like to tease about watching the movies, but he's secure enough to laugh it off and keep watching).

    1. Thanks Kit! It just has started feeling like the Twihaters are getting worse than the Twihards... can't we all just get along? :D