Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TV Review: Sherlock

Modern retellings based on the classic Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, starring a cute British guy with fun name, and a Hobbit? Yes Please!!
I. Am. Sherlocked.
Seriously, one of the best shows (if not the best show, since Breaking Bad is over, in my opinion) that is on TV right now, it's the perfect blend of mystery, comedy, drama, and even a little romance thrown in for good measure. Sherlock gets everything right.
Co-created and written mostly by the incomparable Steven Moffat (of Doctor Who fame), everything from the acting, to the music, to the intrigue, is pretty much perfect television.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes
 Benedict Cumberbatch (I just love saying his name. Especially when you say it like Sean Connery. Benedict. Cumberbatch. See, it's the best, huh?) plays the brilliant, yet socially inept, Sherlock Holmes. And he is perfection. This has been the year of Benedict Cumberbatch, as he was in at least four Oscar nominated films, plus some that weren't nominated, and he was excellent in everything. Seriously, the guy does not disappoint.
Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson
Then there's Martin Freeman. I just love him as Sherlock's trusty sidekick Dr. John Watson, who tries his darnedest (and mostly fails) to keep Sherlock in line. And he was so fantastic at the end of season two I just wanted to hug this hobbitses.

My one peeve about this lovely little show is that the seasons are too dang short. Seriously! Each season is only three episodes. Granted, the episodes are about an hour and twenty minutes each, almost like movies, but still. I need more!

The first two season (or series, as the Brits say) are available on Netflix now, and the third should be there shortly, I presume, though it is for sure available on DVD now.

There are some adult elements to this show (especially when Irene Adler appears, as a sort of madame/dominatrix), so I recommend it for mature middle-school age and up.

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