Saturday, October 4, 2014

Movie Review: The Boxtrolls

After a fun weekend at a family wedding in Ojai, my parents offered to keep my little man Eli there with them for a few days.

It's been nice (even though I really, really miss my guy!) to have some one-on-one time with my almost-9-year old, Sophia.

We've gone out to breakfast a couple times, gone shopping, planned out and chosen all the party supplies for her upcoming birthday tea party, and this afternoon, I surprised her with a trip to the movies, and dinner and ice cream after, since my hubby had to work late.

After her homework was all done, I suggested we put our cozy jammie pants on, because I had a surprise for her. We NEVER go to movies during the week, unless we're on some sort of break from school, so she was surprised when we pulled into the theater's parking lot.

She's been begging to see The Boxtrolls since she saw the first trailers a few months ago, and honestly I've been pretty antsy to see it myself.

The Boxtrolls comes from the same studio (Laika) that made one of my all time favorites, Coraline, as well as Paranorman, and it took YEARS to make. The story was fun, and original, there was a great message of acceptance and not judging someone before you know them, and the animation was AMAZING! Plus I LOVE anything Steampunk, and there were Steampunk elements all throughout this one. It was happy times!

I'd recommend The Boxtrolls, which is rated PG, for kids first grade and up. There are some somewhat scary elements, mostly having to do with the villain, who is allergic to cheese, eats it anyway, and has major, kind of gross, reactions to it, all the way up until the end. There is also some peril, to the point where Sophia, who is pretty emotional anyway, was crying, for fear that characters had died.

I give The Boxtrolls a B+.

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